Show some love for Bioline, win an iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle

Tell us why you like your favourite Bioline reagents in exchange for a free lab timer and a chance to win an iPod Shuffle

As no one can fail to have noticed by now, today is Valentine’s Day, a day when we all go out of our way to show special affection for the ones we love.

So, this February, why not show some love for Bioline by telling us why you use your favourite Bioline reagents? In return we’ll send you a free lab timer for your efforts.

But that’s not all! Because love is a two way thing, we’ve set aside some iPod Shuffles to give away to the originators of any product testimonials that we use.

We know that many scientists find Bioline’s high-quality reagents for molecular biology are the only ones that get the job done in-time, on-time, every time with their applications.

Free Lab Timer

So, if this description fits you, you love your Bioline products and you’d like a free lab timer and a chance to win a 2GB iPod Shuffle, all you need to do is leave your testimonial as a comment and email us your contact details.

Or, if you prefer, email us directly with your quote and contact details and we’ll do the rest.

We look forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day from all at Bioline: The PCR Company.

One thought on “Show some love for Bioline, win an iPod Shuffle

  1. In comparison to other DNA polyermases on the market, Bioline’s are of the best quality at the most reasonable prices. Switching from our conventional high-fidelity enzyme to Bioline’s Velocity enzyme fixed one of the biggest problems I came across in my PhD project.

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