Bioline Introduces HyperPAGE II Broad Range Prestained Protein Marker

HyperPAGE II from Bioline: The PCR Company


Bioline is pleased to announce the latest addition to its HyperPAGE range of prestained molecular weight protein markers.

HyperPAGE II contains nine highly purified protein bands from 10 to 250kDa, prestained with different fluorescence dyes to facilitate easy identification and orientation, whether performing protein electrophoresis by SDS-PAGE or Western Blotting.

The protein marker is ideal for monitoring efficiency in electrophoresis and transfer of proteins from gel to membrane following Western blotting, and to estimate the molecular weight of protein samples.

Marco Calzavara, President of Bioline commented: “Bioline’s new HyperPAGE II prestained protein marker facilitates protein electrophoresis by offering sharp, accurate and easily identifiable bright bands. HyperPAGE II compliments the existing HyperPAGE, but is in an easier and more efficient ready-to-use format.”

For more information, please visit the HyperPAGE II product page and see for further details on our range of protein markers.

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