Tetro Reverse Transcriptase and Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit

Reverse Transcription at its Best!

Tetro Reverse Transcriptase from Bioline: The PCR Company

Bioline: The PCR Company is proud to announce the worldwide release of its new reverse transcription kits. Tetro Reverse Transcriptase is a highly stable reverse transcriptase that exhibits unrivalled stability and affinity for RNA, making it the ideal choice for even the most challenging transcripts.

Tetro cDNA Synthesis Kit contains Tetro Reverse Transcriptase and all the other necessary components to generate high-quality cDNA.

High-quality first-strand cDNA is generated so that long and low-abundance cDNAs can be detected, meaning that the cDNA by Tetro Reverse Transcriptase is perfectly suited to real-time PCR in two-step real-time PCR reactions.

Additional applications include qualitative and quantitative analyses of cellular RNAs, characterization of RNA splice variants, cDNA library construction, mRNA 5’ end mapping by primer extension, dideoxynucleotide sequencing and gene cloning.


  • Unrivalled stability
  • Working temperature range 37°- 45°C
  • Highly sensitive for enhanced cDNA yield
  • Produces high quality cDNA ideal for real-time PCR
  • Reverse transcribes RNA templates up to 9Kb


  • First strand cDNA synthesis for real-time PCR
  • cDNA library construction
  • 2-step RT-PCR assays
  • mRNA 5’ end mapping by primer extension
  • Dideoxynucleotide sequencing
  • End-labelling of DNA

For more information, please visit the Tetro Reverse Transcriptase product page and see www.bioline.com for further details of our range of high-quality reagents for molecular biology.

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