SensiFAST™ Real-Time PCR Kits. Exceed the limit

Bioline: The PCR Company announces the worldwide release of SensiFAST™ One-Step Real-Time PCR Kits. Exceed the limit with this new generation of ready-to-use real-time products, tailor-made to give faster and superior results with RNA templates.

SensiFAST™ One-Step is a comprehensive range of highly optimized products designed to deliver outstanding results for real-time experiments with RNA templates, providing reliable and highly reproducible data on all commonly used real-time PCR instruments and are ideal for the new generation of fast-cyclers.

The kits use the latest developments in real-time PCR to realize the fastest cycling times and greatest sensitivity, without compromising accuracy, reproducibility or performance.

The SensiFAST One-Step family is available in 8 different configurations of SYBR green and Probe to suit all your different applications and techniques.

For complete information please visit

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